Our Team

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Paula Belemjian
Paula Belemjian, the Executive Director and a Founder of The Margaret Home is a devoted parent of nine adopted and three biological children. She has led a personal and philanthropic lifestyle dedicated to unconditional love and modern approaches that empower individuals to embrace their identity as a child of God and discover the best version of themselves.

Nancy Colburn
Nancy Colburn is the Operations Manager for The Margaret Home. In this position, she is grateful to be part of a team that empowers women who have chosen life for their babies. At The Margaret Home, Nancy helps to guide women along their journey toward success and a second chance while ensuring a home that offers peace, comfort, and security. Nancy graduated with a degree in Psychology from Stony Brook University and has many years of experience working in the health and human services field. Nancy is inspired daily by her husband and their three children. The values and beliefs she instills in her own family are mirrored in the way she cares for those at The Margaret Home.

Genevieve Francione
Hi my name is Genevieve Francione and I am currently a freshman at Nazareth College. I am studying Inclusive Elementary Education, and I will be certified in Special Education. I love children and helping others. I am very excited to be working for the Margret Home as a Direct Care Manager for overnights!

TMH Board Members

Anthony DiTucci, President

Greg Belemjian, Treasurer

Anne-Marie Smith, Secretary

Paula Belemjian, Executive Director 

Margie Benza

Joanna Parker

Elizabeth Gilges

Riley Hoselton

Jeffrey Clark

Cecilia Hayes-Lester

Anthony Valerio

Alison Finstad

Heather Whiting