Our Program

Our Mission

The Margaret Home is a residential program that empowers pregnant and parenting mothers by supporting their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs so that they can heal, grow, and thrive.

There is no cost to the women to live in the home or participate in the programs. The maximum length of stay is 24 months from the date of admission.

About Our Program

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Our Values

By virtue of the hope provided by our Christian faith, we embrace the following values:

  • Dignity: we believe in the dignity and inherent worth of every soul 
  • Encouragement: we come alongside and encourage one another in our journey together
  • Family: we act as a family, offering hospitality and community to any woman who chooses to invest in herself and her children
  • Integrity: we have the courage to face the truth and the future when we are honest with ourselves and others
  • Respect: though we may have differences, we respect and accept one another
  • Love: we lovingly serve one another with compassion and empathy

Our Objectives

  • Expand care services to homeless, pregnant women, and their children in the Rochester region.
  • Connect moms to educational opportunities to enhance their career potential and marketable skills including soft skills necessary for job or business environments.
  • Utilize a program model that conducts experiential job training in partnership with employers to increase skill levels, job readiness, and career pathways.
  • Provide access to entrepreneurial skills and experiences for moms to know how to thrive and work in small business environments; making them marketable to local small businesses.

Our Structure

  • With each of our mothers, we create a self-directed action plan along with the structure and resources that can lead to independence for a woman and her family. 
  • Each woman is connected with an individualized team of personal coaches who work with her on program goals, educational goals, and employment goals.
  • Women seeking completion of high school requirements or higher education are paired with a personal Education Coach who will work with them to reach these goals.